our vision

Our Mission // what we do

Making disciples of Jesus neighborhood by neighborhood

Our Vision // where we’re going

Our vision is to join GOD as HE makes all things new.

Through Christ, God resolved to “reconcile to himself all things.” (Col. 1:20). We live in the era where we await this promise to come to fruition. God determined each of our lives today to live in between Jesus’ resurrection and final restoration. We will not seal off our beliefs in privacy, but be on God’s mission in word, deed, and life so that we let our city know Jesus rules over marriage, family, business, politics, art, athletics, leisure, academics, sex, and technology.

At the same time, we recognize that the ultimate restoration of all things awaits the personal and bodily return of our Lord Jesus Christ. So how will we maintain this vision in the midst of a distracting world? Many begin with the mission to connecting people to Jesus but over time, they focus on maintaining getting people to a service or another agenda. They somehow forget the gospel and that it has the power to change everything.

Rather than existing for ourselves, our vision is to pour out our entire lives for our friends who do not believe. Rather than seeking to be a great church, our vision is to create a culture and ethos that makes a great city, bringing healing to broken hearts and broken places. Rather than getting distracted by lesser agendas, our task will unashamedly be to make disciples of JESUS.

When Paul and Barnabas went to Antioch, the Scriptures tell us “almost the whole city gathered to hear the word of the Lord.” (Acts 13:44). We strive for every person at Missio Dei to wake up every morning with this prayer in their hearts,

“Father, give me a God-sized vision for my city.”


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