Our Timeline


Our goal for Missio Dei is to be faithful to the gospel as GOD’s MISSIONARIES to Chicago. Working toward creating a healthy, missional church will take lots of sweat, tears, repentance, and endurance.

We want to be held accountable for our strategy, but we also want to let the SPIRIT shape and mold this timeline around GOD’s timeline.

Move to the City (May – September 2012)

– Raise support and develop partnerships.

– Raise up a prayer team of over 100 and communicate vision and needs.

– The Fulton family’s arrive in Chicago.

Learn the City (September – February 2013)

– Establish rhythms of living, working, playing in neighborhood.

– Open our home for meals and friendship

– Immersion into the neighborhood by building intentional relationships.

– Establish a credible presence in the community by creating and participating in community project.

– Establish and coach 3-5 Gospel Communities

– Begin gathering those interested for vision and prayer.

– Develop relationships with 150 not-yet believers or unchurched believers.

– Develop a specific vision for our neighborhood

A Committed Core within the City (February 2013)

– Present Core Group covenant.

– Ask for Core Group commitment.

Gather & Multiply in the City (February-May 2013)

– Meet weekly to be renewed in the gospel, vision casting, mission, and community.

– Engage the community once a month in mercy, culture, or recreation type ministries.

– Develop connection process

– Determine gathering space

Worship in the City (June 2013 – December 2013)

– Begin Weekly Gathering – August 2013

– Continue training Gospel Community Leaders

– Form a Leadership Team (future elders/deacons)


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