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The Multi-Colored Good News

Below are some of the most mentioned ways the New Testament describes our salvation. When needing a good dose of how God came and powerfully & passionately pursued you in your weakness, these verses can no doubt remind us of the life of God in the soul of man. The good news of Jesus is limitless in its power to rescue us, counsel us, sustain us, make us holy, and make us His people on mission.


Justification – the lawcourt metaphor (Rom 5:1Titus 3:7)

Sanctification – the cultus metaphor (1 Cor 1:21 Thess 4:3)

Adoption – the familial metaphor (Rom 8:151 John 3:1–2)

Reconciliation – the relational metaphor (Rom 5:1–112 Cor 5:18–20)

Washing – the physical cleansing metaphor (1 Cor 6:11Titus 3:7)

Redemption – the slave market metaphor (Eph 1:7Rev 14:3–4)

Purchase – the financial transaction metaphor (1 Cor 6:202 Pet 2:1)

Wedding – the marriage metaphor (Eph 5:31-32Rev 21:2)

Liberation – the imprisonment metaphor (Gal 5:1Rev 1:5)

New Birth – the physical generation metaphor (John 3:3–71 Pet 1:323)

Illumination – the light metaphor (John 12:35–362 Cor 4:4–6)

New Creation – the redemptive-historical metaphor (2 Cor 5:17Gal 6:15)

Resurrection – the bodily metaphor (Eph 2:6Col 3:1)

Union with Christ – the organic or spatial metaphor (Rom 6:1–142 Tim 1:9)

Immeasurably bursting with majesty!


gospel astonishment

This quote from Scotty Smith has been my mantra the past few weeks as I prepare for church planting. It applies to all, so you can substitute “church planters” with pastors, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, businessmen, artists, educators, students, politicians.

“There is no commitment we will make as church planters of greater importance than living close to Jesus.  For church planting can become an idol factory; a prostitution ring; a cruel taskmaster; a breeding ground for addictions… we need church planters who will love Jesus with abandon, and who cultivate a lifestyle of growing in His grace and knowledge.  Until you know yourself to be slow of heart to believe the gospel, you will never cultivate a burning heart for the gospel.  Churches planted with the DNA of the gospel will be led by those who live a life of gospel astonishment.”

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